Why is there a need to outsource your back-office bookkeeping services?

Ever thought about getting rid of the areas in which your expenditure is high, but the result is not fruitful enough?

Is your overhead cost bothering you, since you are not able to find enough time to communicate with your clients to build business strategies?

Is security of your data of prime importance to you?

Then, you need to outsource your back-office bookkeeping services. You don't need to hire full-time working back-office accountants, if you can get the same job done by someone for far less, in terms of money.

Let's have one thing clear, there are a lot of outsourcing firms or individuals but you only have to choose the ones with a valid website, a valid qualification, and the ones with proper market exposure and past work experience.

Moreover, about the security of data, only the firms that actually grant you full access to secured servers can be trusted, because no illegal firm will do that. For example, they could add files to the hosted solution and then allow the client to have a remote access to this. QB desktops can be used to put all the clients in one folder that one can access. Then there will be no problem in making journal entries and then change the closing date so the client stays in sync with year-end numbers.

If these are the facilities being provided to a client for 4-7$/hr, then it is a great bargain, because most firms would charge $35-40/hr.

There is an explanation for such a huge difference in rates as well. Since, in countries like India, the cost of living is less, hence, the same quality of work can be done for a lot less and hence, clients can save as much as 40 to 60% in one go.

If these reasons are not enough to convince you to outsource, feel free to ask for a FREE DEMO. If you're satisfied, you can continue doing business with us. If you're not, you don't pay us a cent. How's that for a deal?

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