Safe & Secure

Accounting & Financial Data Processing in Safe & Secure Data Security Supervision

Your data is important for us. If you trust us with your data, it is our duty to keep it safe and secure from any outside intrusion. So, you might be wondering, what are the various techniques that we are using to safeguard your data from hackers or other intervention parties?

We have a professional Network Administrator who looks after all the data we have on our secured servers and makes sure that only the authorized personnel have access to that.

We have high-speed remote access servers that contain all the data, which means that we can sit anywhere and access our data, but it is not that easy. Only the administrators can access the data, by using a specialized login, with the facility of changing the password every month. Hence, this not only helps in keeping the data centralized but also safe and secure.

Hence, this eliminates the odds of breaking into our system and getting any valuable data.

We also archive your data into our systems, which means that once we serve you, you can request that data, even after 10 years. We will provide you the data in the same format, and with all original numbers and operations intact. We take daily back-ups and therefore, we also reduce the risk of data loss to a large extent.

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