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A CFO is important to the success of any business. From record-keeping to data analysis, and then planning the strategies to overcome or avoid any financial risks in the future, a CFO holds the company’s future ( there will be insertion of some other data and keywords here as well, or from the last draft that I sent you, this area is under review till further discussion )

Do you want your data to be organised for you so that it becomes easy for you to plan the financial policies and strategies?

Well, look no further, because you have reached the destination. This is a perfect place for you, if you’re a CFO looking for record-keeping and data-analysis. Since, these are the times for unstable macro economical environments; a lot is expected of the CFOs.

Hence, even a small mistake can prove fatal for the individual as well as the organisation. Therefore, we, at Global Business Services take all these points into consideration and provide the CFOs with extensive accounting, payroll and auditing services.

Do you find it difficult to meet the accounting and auditing deadlines of your clients?

Rather than wasting your time on non-essential tasks, we encourage you to focus on your business functions, ultimately increasing profitability. From cash flow management to budgeting and forecasting, we provide all services

Do you feel buried into a heap of paperwork?

A desk is where you place a picture of your loved one and some essential papers. Nobody wants to have a messy desk. Everybody wants a clean desk and tasks done. There is only one easy way of achieving that. Our terrific features and services will help you get rid of piles of paperwork that lies on your desk. You don’t have to worry about it from now on. Just send us your data and list of requirements. Our team will pre-process the data for any validations and then start working on it at the earliest.

Do you think that hiring a full-time personal advisor is expensive?

Quality speaks for itself. But, since we deal with all firms, from mid-size to large organisations, we try to keep our fees at a bare minimum. We provide the most affordable and yet, fast result-oriented services for CFOs

Why Global Bookkeeping Services (GBS) ?

1. Knowledge and Experience

-> We, at GlobalBookKeeping believe in extensive research with applied knowledge of the concept so as to serve the CFOs better. We believe that experience and knowledge go hand-in-hand. There can be many virtual assistants that don’t even have the valid knowledge and experience that is required to be put-in into such work. This is what separates us from any other service provider online.

2. Organised Way of Approach

->We always tend to have an organised work approach because lot of our clients want the work to be delivered overnight. Hence, we work in batches for all our clients and fulfil their accounting requirements. Yes, we do love our Calendars and Clocks, because they help us get our work done.

3. Professionalism

-> There is a lot of difference between amateurs and professionals. We believe in professionalism and consider this website as a platform to serve various professionals by rendering specialized services such as financial outsourcing, Accounting and Bookkeeping.

4. Transparency

-> We believe in transparency. We run our business on the trust of our clients. Technological advancements have changed the way of accounting these days. Hence, all our processes are simple and straight-forward so that you get detailed reports that business accounts as well as financial accounting, statements and accounts, improving your financial visibility and ultimately help you in growing your business.

5. Deadline

->   when you find a lot of work-load at your desk with a very little time to yourself. Don’t procrastinate. Nobody likes a lazy CFO. Choose your own personal advisor for all your CFO and CPA needs. We understand you needs and work tirelessly to provide you all the automated spread-sheets with facts presented in a crystal-clear format within the given timeline, whether it is the month-end report or year-end report.

6. Precise Data

-> Once you assign us the work, we scan all that data to yield the best output desired. Our calculations and methods are accurate and they tend to cater all your needs. Our ideal process mechanism is what separates us from the rest and we take pride in it. We take the accuracy of account books into consideration, so as to generate value-based results based on financial information to help with strategic transactions, financial processes, business plans and budgeting. Moreover, we believe that accurate profit and loss reports can help in accessing a business and its functions, and therefore, we proof-read the results and cross check it every time to ensure higher accurate percentage.

7. Back-Ups and Secure Data

-> Since you trust us with your data, we also consider that it is our duty to give you a proper back-up of the data for a particular period time.

->Why do we do this?

This is done so as to avoid any loss of data and any unavoidable circumstances that may lead to deletion or removal of data. Data is hosted at personalised servers which are password-protected, hence, giving enough privacy and security.

We Love What We Do

-> One of the most important factors is that we love what we do. It is our zeal for calculations and data and passion towards helping all clients forget their worries, which keeps us going. We, not only believe in suggesting, but also feel capable of offering solutions, so that you are assured of getting everything in return that you desire.

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