Multiple App integration in Xero Online Accounting Software makes more Easy Accounting process for Small Businesses

Streamline your business accounting process with Xero Online Accounting Software

In the business field, the market of accounting software is equipped with varied brands and versions, which provide their assistant for small, medium or large size firms. There are ample of the organized accounting system with the latest and new features of accounting, in the present scenario.

In the field of accounting, XERO is another well-known accounting software employed in small or large-sized business firms.  It is particularly a product based on Software as a service (SaaS). Xero is an online accounting software majorly used in Canada especially by small business firms. It is estimated that over 1.5 million business owners have subscribed to the Xero as their default accounting software.

This software is cloud-based accounting software. It facilitates the accountant with all the basic features of accounting used in the accounting process. Some of the basic features of Xero are as follow:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping functions
  • The facility of account/bank reconciliations
  • Financial reports
  • Purchase orders
  • Bill/ invoice payment
  • Easy invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Sales tax
  • Fixed assets
  • Mobile apps
  • Multi-currency

Other than the above mentioned basic features of Xero, this accounting system also provides you the platform with its advance function as of integration. Like other software, Xero also has the capacity to integrate with mammoth of business applications, which indirectly aids the owner/manager to handle entire business operations equally, timely and with a systematic approach. The integration of apps will helps you in managing your small or medium-sized business in a meticulous way. 

The following listed are some common but popular business applications, which are largely synchronized by the business firms into Xero, to get their benefits:


This business app is basically a sales management program. If you are a selling person or managing your business sale by recording and tracking every order, then this software suits all your needs. You can import all your sales orders directly into Xero, export their invoices and even create daily sales reports for ensuring the proper record for every transaction. The balances will be matched accurately for every period.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank allows you to go paperless from all your receipts and invoices. You can just simply add your invoices and bills into this app by just clicking the pictures of them, at the same moment you receive them. You can give a cross-check to your entire spending and receiving of cash so that every transaction is recorded and even managing your cash flows in a better way. There will be no chances of lost receipts and bills and even you can keep their record for a longer period.


Deputy will assist you in getting your payroll done with full automation. This app provides the facility of accurately defining the payroll and managing the human resources in a meticulous way. It includes the recording of timesheet, tasking and scheduling the work of the employees. It calculates overtime, penalty rates, leave loading and net pay as per on the hourly rates.


This business synchronizes app is chiefly designed for the functions of forecasting and reporting of the business firms. It assists the management in accurate decision making. It will help you to manage the cash flows and grow your business. The KPI dashboards, alerts and reports are all considered by the app is giving you a clear picture of your business.


It is a mode of the online payment system in the business firm. It is the most widely used payment method all over the globe. It is an easy and safe method of payment. PayPal app can be integrated into the Xero software facilitating the accountant to get its transactions automatically in the bank feeds. You did not need to do the manual input. The transactions can be in numbers and the balances are already matched as per the given statements.


Hubdoc automatically extracts the financial data to be used in the accounting process, like bank statements, bills/receipts, data from the clients/suppliers, and so on. Transactions can be auto-matched before sending them to the reconcile window from the bank feed. Reconciliation can be done with the single click only, due to matched balances. Notifications can set as per the client's instructions in this.

There are several apps that the Xero gives the facility to the account to integrate with the software. Other than the above-listed apps some other applications are: A2X for Amazon, Approval Max, Auto Entry, Fathom, Practice Ignition, Service M8, GoCardless, and so on. Always choose the best from all existing apps which will suit your business as per the requirement. You can attach your accounting software with as many apps as you can just depending upon your business operations. These applications can operate all your business processes efficiently.

Grab the opportunity of acquiring full-fledged advantages of Xero and additionally of several business integrated applications.

You can do it all yourself or outsource your accounting and bookkeeping business activities to Accounting Outsource Hub. Your business functions will be managed with higher efficiency by our skilled staff in Xero.

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