Outsourcing and Offshoring: Advice from an Expert

Outsourcing or offshoring are not easy decisions to arrive at, largely due to their significant impacts on the major stakeholders in the company including employees, clients, and customers. However, in many cases, outsourcing or offshoring can be compulsory since it ensures an organisation’s long-term viability.

Providing innovative services and support to clients should be the top priority of any organisation. They should hold the belief that delivering true value to the clients requires a well-defined and organised approach. Beyond traditional engagements, they should always look to provide tools and resources tailored to the specific needs of their clients, for the fulfillment of their requirements.

Providing compliance services should be one of the core competencies of any outsourcing or offshoring organisation, and it should also represent their daily operations. The philosophy of their business should be to provide the outsourcing services of the highest quality. Emphasis should be on developing long-lasting relationships with our clients. If organisations can provide a guarantee of such kind of work ethic and product, you should look no further and start doing business with them.

Here are some of the various accounting services provided at Accounting Outsource Hub

  • Bookkeeping and management reporting, particularly for multi-national companies that require accurate and on-time monthly reporting of management accounts to head office
  • Payroll, from the registration of joiners and leavers to monthly processing and execution of payroll deductions to the relevant authorities to year-end reporting.
  • Cash management and cheque signing.
    You can browse through all other services provided by us by following the Services page on our website for more info.

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