Cloud Accounting VS Desktop Accounting Software

The accounting and bookkeeping process has its birth from the manual and hand written recording of transactions in the accounts. But due to evolution in the technology, the accounting software emerged like tally. Tally is stated as the oldest and first commonly used accounting software by every single enterprise. With the passage of time, competition increases, and the software companies come up with the new and latest accounting software. Each accounting Software has abandoned with number of accounting features which are useful for the accountant in the accounting and bookkeeping process.

After some interval, the accounting software gives us the facility of using them on the desktop and even online. Some of them can work on both ways. Desktop give the facility to work on remote sessions. One remote session can operate on number on computers without restricting the one place sitting.

Cloud and desktop accounting software are more utilized in the outsourcing services of the accounting and bookkeeping. The software are used by both the parties for the data in the outsourcing business. Some commonly used accounting software in accounting and bookkeeping services are: QuickBooks, Zero, NetSuite, Sage, MYOB and Fresh Books. Some of the accounting software provides the both access i.e. desktop and online. But some are accessible to only one source.

Choosing from the wide range of software is always a difficult task. But choosing between the cloud and desktop software can be harder. The decision can take with regards to the size of the business firm or their expansion of business operations or any such other factors which can affect the recording of the transactions.

It is very necessary to compare both the services of the any software and then to decide the suitable one for your business enterprise whether it is an outsourcing company or in general accounting business. It is very necessary in the accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing business that you and your outsourced clients must use the same accounting software.

Both the accounting software provide the following basic features to every accountant of general accounting firm and even accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing firm:

    1. Journal Entries
    2. Invoicing & Billing
    3. Banking
    4. Payment Processing
    5. Chart Of Accounts
    6. Fixed Asset Management
    7. Inventory Reports
    8. Budgeting
    9. Sales Tax
    10. Multi-Currency
    11. Accounts Payable
    12. Accounts Receivable
    13. Generation Of Reconciliation Reports And Financial Statements Like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, A/R, A/P Aging Summary.

You can operate your cloud accounting software even at other hardware at the same time like, laptop, mobile or MAC. And this is the main feature why most of the outsourcing companies prefer to use cloud accounting. There are several basis for the distinguish between the cloud accounting and desktop accounting which are discussing below:

Cloud VS Desktop


We have stated the comparison between cloud and desktop accounting software. Generally speaking, every accounting organization makes the cloud accounting software their first priority. But on the other hand, the accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services provider firms prefer the accounting software on both desktop and online. But as their first choice, they have to choose as per their client’s instructions.

We at Accounting Outsource Hub , provide you with best accounting and bookkeeping services with the use of both cloud and desktop accounting software. Our preference for the use of specified accounting software all depends upon our outsource client’s requirements. We are well equipped with all the popular accounting software so you not need to install these costly software. We are the best way to keep your cost in the budget by outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping services with us.

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